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Wilson A1010 Blem Baseball

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A1010 blem baseballs are perfect for practice and training. Red cushioned cork core gives you a baseball that stays more energized during bat/ball collision. These balls are not NFHS stamped. Full grain leather cover. 

Sold by the dozen

What is a Blem?
A cosmetic blem or blemish is when there is a minor imperfection somewhere on a bat or ball. There could be a paint discoloration, a paint run, a smudge, logos could be off-center, the stencil outline of the logo could be too low or too high, possible minor paint nick, etc. MOST IMPORTANTLY the integrity of a blemished bat or ball has NOT been compromised. The blem bat or ball will play to its capacity and here's the best part, you save.


*Sorry, but these baseballs don't qualify for free shipping. We have thousands of other items we will ship to you for free, but this box of balls is way too big and heavy to offer free shipping on.*