Wilson A1000 11.50" Pedroia Fit Baseball Glove

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Turn in game-changing performance with the Wilson A1000 Pedroia Fit baseball glove. With a reliable full-grain leather construction including a resilient all-leather shell, rawhide laces for added durability, and cushioned leather lining, the glove provides just the right amount of strength and softness to ensure optimal comfort. And it gets better: with patented Pedroia Fit technology built into the design, the glove wraps around your hand to perfection, accommodating smaller hands without compromising on function or performance. Its H-web design pattern maximizes flexibility and lets you see through the webbing for high fly balls—an exceptionally appropriate choice for infielders and pitchers alike. The leather lining keeps your hand cool and dry while you're playing. Wilson: Peerless in Performance!

The Wilson A1000 Pedroia Fit baseball glove (WTA10RB19DP15) features an 11.5-inch opening, an H-web design, rawhide laces, and an open back with stunning black and blonde cosmetics. Thanks to its zero break-in, you can have an immediate impact the moment you take your position. Win everyone's admiration with this beautiful yet sturdy glove