Louisville Slugger Pro Flare PF14-CR 12"-INFIELD/OUTFIELD

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Louisville Slugger Pro Flare PF14-CR 12"

Louisville Slugger's Flare design has captured the attention of elite players everywhere. If you have not experienced the Flare difference, it's time to make life easier and become the no errors fielder you've always dreamed of being. The Pro Flare Series features one of the largest catching surfaces available on the MARKET! These models are designed to keep pace with the evolution of baseball. The unique flare design allows for quick ball transfer, because in baseball every second counts! The bigger the pocket, the better the performance! The Pro Flare Series offers players up to a 15% wider surface area for catching, in comparison to traditional glove patterns. With a variety of sizes and webs, this series offers the ultimate amount of variety. Versatility is key, and the Pro Flare Series doesn't just give players what they want, but gives them what they need! Leave your mark, and let your glove do the talking! Choose Louisville Slugger! Free Shipping Included. SKU 62259 BE


100-Day Money Back Guarantee

Conventional Open Back
Deep, Flat Pocket
Excellent Glove for Infielders and Outfielders
Extra Wide Lacing For Durability
Flare Design Provides Larger Catching Surface
Quick Break-In
Top Grade Steerhide Leather

The Louisville Slugger Pro Flare gloves are designed to keep pace with the evolution of baseball
The unique Flare design allows for quick-transfer of ball from glove to hand, because every split second counts
Curved fingers for enhanced catching surface
Professional-grade, oil-infused leather for maximum feel and performance right off the shelf
Unmatched durability and quick break-in
12" utility model
Open back
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