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Crossover Symmetry Training Package

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Crossover Symmetry’s Gen-2 system is a professional grade rotator cuff and scapular strengthening system that is engineered to enhance shoulder health and performance. The Gen-2 system has been updated and enhanced to incorporate the latest scientific advancements and equipment innovations to give athletes a reliable tool that is proven on the field and in clinical settings. The system features three easy-to-follow protocols for shoulder activation, recovery and plyometric training. Crossover Symmetry is currently being used by professional athletes in the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and over 75% of NCAA Division-1 Universities.  Medically designed by a leading physical therapist, the Crossover Symmetry Gen-2 System takes the guesswork out of shoulder care. The system is practical, structured and efficient, making it easy for athletes to complete on a daily basis.


  • Activation
    • Improves posture and reduces risk of shoulder impingement by activating the key scapular stabilizers
    • Enhances firing patterns and timing of the rotator cuff and scapular muscles
    • Prepares the muscles for activity by increasing blood flow to the region
  • Recovery
    • Increases targeted blood flow, instantly starting the recovery process
    • Strengthens tendons through eccentric contractions
    • Flushes the waste by-products out of the muscles
  • Plyometric
    • Plyometric training has been proven to increase performance and prevent injury
    • Rhythmic stabilization enhances dynamic stability by addressing the timing of muscle firing
    • Plyometrics enhance the elastic properties of muscles and tendons to improve power



One of the new features of the Gen-2 system is the integration of a Red Flag Screen. The Red Flag Screen is a simple method for identifying individuals who have a medical condition that would require an alteration or the discontinued use of the Gen-2 System. This Red Flag Screen will detect the athletes who are at a higher risk for injury and need a thorough examination by a medical professional with shoulder expertise.



  • Crossover Symmetry Gen-2 Training Guide
  • Crossover Symmetry Gen-2 Training Video
  • Aluminum Exercise Chart with carabiners
  • 2 pairs of Crossover Cords – Choose Youth, Athlete or Elite resistance package
  • Pair of Door Belts
  • Drawstring Backpack