Posted by Doug Bennier- Pro Baseball Insider on May 16th 2019

NY Yankee Doug Bernier (author) baserunning during a 2011 spring training game. Image by Ed Wolfstein.The great thing about base running is that everyone can be good at it. Different from hitting, f … read more

Baserunning Buddies to Help Communication & Trust

Posted by Cindy Bristoe: on May 16th 2019

Here’s a great drill to help your players learn to talk and trust each other.Trust, talk and run bases all in one drill. Split your team up into pairs and have them all start at homeplate. Each pair … read more

Snow Angels

Posted by Ross Holsing | DPT, OCS of Healting Motions Physical Therapy on May 16th 2019

Here's a great exercise for improving the flexibility in your spine and shoulders. It targets the latissimus dorsi (also called your "lats"). This exercise can also be performed laying down on your … read more

Why Hitters MUST Drop Their Back Shoulder

Posted by Cindy Bristoe: on May 16th 2019

Almost every hitter I know has been told they shouldn’t drop their back shoulder. Read on to see why this is not only bad advice, but crucial for hitting strikes!I’m sure you’ve told hitters to “stop … read more