2 Keys to Improve Your Slapper

Posted by Cindy Bristow on Dec 12th 2018

Having slappers in your lineup can wreak havoc with the defense, but only if those slappers can put the ball in play, consistently. If you’re struggling with your slappers I might have the answer for … read more

Baserunning: Hook Slide

Posted by Mike Roberts on Dec 12th 2018

The hook slide was used often in the early 1900s and made famous by Ty Cobb, but it is almost extinct in today's game. Cobb was an aggressive base runner and was often looking to take the extra base. … read more
The Art of Stealing 3rd Base

The Art of Stealing 3rd Base

Posted by Marty Berson on Dec 12th 2018

By: Marty BersonBaseball, being a game of percentages, is the basis for our program's philosophy of getting runners to third base with less than two outs and scoring them with productive outs. Putting … read more

How To Know When They Are Stealing Your Pitches

Posted by SZ Staff Writer Coach Bob McCreary on Dec 10th 2018

Today’s video post will help pitchers, catchers, and coaches determine whether or not the offensive team has been stealing your pitches during at-bats. There are other signs that something fishy is g … read more