Managing The 1st and 3rd Play: A Tip For Catchers

Posted by Coach Bob McCreary: Baseball By The Yard on May 18th 2020

One of the toughest plays for young teams is the 1st and 3rd play. The runner on first base steals and if the catcher throws it to second, the runner on third scores. If the catcher just holds it, you know have two runners in scoring position. Add a rundown in there and all hell break loose.

At the younger levels (below high school?), most coaches just remove the play altogether by just letting the runner go to 2nd base on the steal without a throw from their catcher. As you get older, however, you can’t just the runner advance that easily. Today’s video tip is for catchers (with the help from the 3rd basemen!) on one skill needed to better handle this difficult play.