Softball Hitting Drills & Must Know Batting Tips

Nov 12th 2018

Looking for some softball hitting drills to take you to the next level? In this video, Mike Candrea, the legendary Olympic and World Champion USA softball coach demonstrates some softball battin … read more

The Four Seconds That Could Have Cost the Red Sox Team The Series

Posted by SZ Staff Writer Coach Bob McCreary on Nov 12th 2018

A Major League Baseball season lasts over seven months.That is over 18 million seconds.What would you say if I told you that the Red Sox could have very well lost the World Series because of just 4 se … read more

Are You Teaching The Whole Elephant?

Posted by Cindy Bristow on Nov 8th 2018

If you focus on mechanics and are still frustrated that your players can’t perform simple skills in games, I‘ve got a solution for you.You might be surprised to learn that the answer lies with 6 blind … read more
I Believe I Can And I Will

I Believe I Can And I Will

Posted by SZ Staff Writer Coach Bob McCreary on Nov 8th 2018

In Part 1 of this post I wrote about something called the Reticular Activation System that all brains have. In a nutshell, this system allows us to sift through the millions of bits of information we … read more