Freeze On A Line Drive Is Not Always A Good Idea

Posted by Coach Bob McCreary on Oct 17th 2020

“Freeze on a line drive” is phrase used on every baseball field in the world. Do it and you’ll rarely get doubled off while on the bases. But as kids get older, more variables come into play making … read more

Long Tee-Drill

Oct 17th 2020

Like most coaches, I’m a big fan of the batting tee. I think it is by far the best invention known to baseball. Unfortunately, it’s probably the most underused invention as well, particularly for you … read more

When Is Too Many Pitches Too Many?

Posted by Cindy Bristoe - Softball Excellence on Oct 17th 2020

Pitchers have pitches as if they were badges of honor – as if the one with the most wins. That couldn’t be any farther from the truth.Do your pitchers a huge favor and help them do more with their … read more

Extra Work And Prescription Drills

Posted by Coach Bob McCreary on Oct 17th 2020

Find time to do the drills YOU need to do!If you are a player, never forget that your development is ultimately up to you. The first priority of coaches (especially head coaches) is to oversee the de … read more

How To Throw More Strikes With Your Breaking Pitches

Posted by Coach Bob McCreary on Oct 17th 2020

A big problem with pitchers as they get into the higher levels is an inability to throw strikes with their breaking pitches. From Little League through even the high school level, pitchers can get aw … read more