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Are You Growing Your Skill?

Jan 10th 2021

While your body gets taller and stronger and you get smarter and more mature are you really using those increased talents to grow your softball skills?Make sure you’re not using your grade school soft … read more

Exaggeration Drills For Hitters

Jan 10th 2021

Today’s video tip involves exaggerating some of the basic mechanics of hitting. Exaggerating these movements improves the feel of the proper mechanic and also helps a hitter’s confidence while at the … read more

The Mental Side of Hitting | Attainable Goals

Jan 10th 2021

Every baseball player struggles from time to time. In these moments of searching for answers it’s easy to fall into the trap of chasing hits.Tying your self-worth as a player to getting hits is a guar … read more


Posted by SZ Staff Writer Cindy Bristow-Softball Excellence on Jan 4th 2021

Once you get mad, get a plan to get un-mad. Your opponent is constantly trying to make you fail – you can’t afford to stay mad. … read more

7 Absolutes of How To Hit A Baseball

Posted by SZ Staff Writer Doug Bernier-Pro Baseball Insider on Jan 4th 2021

Every good hitter will do these 7 things on a perfect swing. Sometimes, depending on a pitch, not all 7 will be attained every time. It’s important to remember that hitting is a battle, and somet … read more