3 Tips for Helping Your Team Play its Championship Best

Posted by Cindy Bristoe: Softball on Jul 17th 2019

It’s a little late to start teaching, but not too late for these 3 tips.Playing in a national tournament is exciting, and pressure-packed. By the time you reach the nationals, it’s too late to start t … read more

T's, Y's and I's

Posted by Ross Holsing | DPT, OCS of Healting Motions Physical Therapy on Jul 17th 2019

Healing Motion Physical Therapy OmahaThese exercises (called T's, Y's and I's because of how your body looks when doing them) are a classic group of exercises for baseball players. They work on the sh … read more

Assume The Lead Runner On A Bunt Play

Posted by Coach Bob McCreary: Baseball By The Yard on Jul 15th 2019

Today’s video tip is for pitchers who would like to do a better job fielding bunts. There are a bunch of little things that go into each type of bunt situation but if pitchers do the tip described … read more