Toe Touch Stretch

Posted by Ross Holsing | DPT, OCS on Jan 17th 2019

This dynamic stretch targets your hamstrings but also helps to loosen up your calf muscles. It's an excellent way to warm up your lower leg muscles before playing any sport, running or working ou … read more

The Power of Practice

Posted by Cindy Bristoe on Jan 17th 2019

Practice makes perfect, doesn’t it? Make sure your practices have the greatest chance of improving your players.For many, practice is just around the corner. Before you start, read this.Softball seaso … read more

Go With the Pitch – Every Pitch!

Posted by MATT HELKE on Jan 17th 2019

Go With the Pitch – Every Pitch!Every player at one time in their life has heard their coach tell them to “go with the pitch”. Unfortunately, the only time players usually hear that phrase is when it’ … read more

Hitting The Three Hole

Posted by Coach Bob McCreary on Jan 14th 2019

Coach McCreary explains why hitting the ball through the right side of the field is a great strategy for any offense. … read more