How to Hit a Slow Pitch Softball to Right Field

Posted by on Oct 12th 2017

Driving the ball to right field in slow-pitch softball can pay dividends for you and your team. Slow-pitch softball is a high-scoring game with a lot of long hits. Pitchers are not going to shut down … read more

Getting Up for a Game When You’re Not Feeling It

Posted by Ken Krause on Oct 12th 2017

Every fastpitch softball player faces this situation sooner or later: it’s game day, and you’re just not feeling it.Maybe it’s been a long season and you’re tired. Maybe it’s hot and humid out and you … read more
Stealing on first-move (Part 3)

Stealing on first-move (Part 3)

Posted by SZ Staff Writer Coach Bob McCreary on Oct 12th 2017

There’s a lot going on with this simple steal attempt of second baseThis is the final post in a three part series on stealing first-move on a left-handed pitcher. In Part 1, I explained what stealing … read more
Stealing on first-move (Part 2)

Stealing on first-move (Part 2)

Posted by SZ Staff Writer Coach Bob McCreary on Oct 2nd 2017

Sometimes you steal on the pitcher. Other times it’s on the first baseman.In Part 1 of this series I discussed what stealing first-move means and why it can be a very good option when a left-hander is … read more

How to Improve My Timing in Slow-Pitch Softball

Oct 2nd 2017

Hitting a slow-pitch softball can be a foreign concept, especially to players who have a history playing primarily fast-pitch softball or baseball. While the swing remains largely the same no matter w … read more